La ciudad de Mexico

mexico at night

La ciudad de Mexico was a blast. Besides the crazy traffic and insane driving, the city felt very warm to me. Of course, I’m referring to the people because the weather was actually quite chilling- especially in the evening time. The dance venues were a surprise highlight of the trip for me. All things Salsa, old school and new…

I can also now confirm that Lucha Libre is a real wrestling league that is still active today and the wrestlers specialize in highflying, acrobatic moves. Cool stuff! Long live El Santo!!

It was good to experience the people of Mexico a bit… visiting a couple of shopping malls, catching the bus a couple of times and of course eating at a few popular restaurants. It also pays (or indeed SAVES) to have good friends around the globe. Thankful for my friend (Ale) for ensuring that my experience included the best that Mexico City has to offer.

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